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Foshan Sheng Niya Furniture Co., Ltd.

      Xi kang lai is a professional production of furniture is a mattress company, since its opening, the company has been market oriented, quality of life. Constantly updated, the introduction of advanced high tech industry, technology, technology and equipment. With its own strength, bold innovation in mattress production, technology, breakthroughs in areas such as style, the first initiative of the new management green mattress company to maintain the product in process, technology, style of leadership in similar products, split resources in market research, business management, product quality, etc, especially in the procurement of raw materials and finished products out stringent quality checks. And achieved remarkable results.
    Mattress manufacturing company has today the most advanced production equipment, advanced production line and production technology. And is continually updated, ready to introduce the most advanced production equipment and technology, management. The companys mattresses novel and unique style, high quality. Materials into the study, high quality low cost.

Sheng Ni Ya Furniture
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